Why should I care about climate change?

Greenhouse gases are natural elements of the Earth's atmosphere. However, due to anthropogenic impact, their amount has increased so dramatically in the past century, that the increased greenhouse effect threatens with climate catastrophe. Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration has increased by 35% during the 20th century up to a record unseen in the past 650 thousand years and CO2 concentration continues to grow worldwide year by year.

Any change in the climatic system has a significant impact on our daily lives: the kind of clothes we wear, food we are able to grow, how to protect ourselves against extreme weather events. The most significant driving forces of climate change are energy production and consumption since greenhouse gas emissions are to an utmost extent related to some kind of energy consumption. Transportation among these, is normally the largest source of emissions in case of business life and organisation of conferences.

What does all that come to? The bottom line is that everybody has an impact on climate change through his /her everyday life, work, each day we make decisions according to our preferences and habits. Therefore, if we change those everybody can contribute to the climate solution. It is achievable without compromising our needs - on the contrary we can improve our lives. Sounds too good to be true? Lot of companies already realised the significance of changing certain habits of their employees to be more environmentally friendly and saving money at the same time. As events and conferences are one major part of business life, we would like to offer some help with practical solutions and a tool: the carbon calculator for events.