What is the CO2 calculator?

The CO2 calculator for events is a tool developed by Energia Klub. The calculator shows a good approximation of the carbon impact of a certain event, based upon the easily accessible data that can be provided by the organisers. Energia Klub also offers assistance in minimizing or offsetting the impact of certain events and the calculator is designed so that it is suitable for smaller or larger events or conferences likewise. We advise you to contact us for further information, because each event is unique and the calculator can be customised.

What does the CO2 calculator show?

Each time we consume energy - for example by heating, travelling, switching on any electronic appliance, eat or drink - we all contribute to climate change to some extent, because all these activities cause greenhouse gas emissions. The calculator shows the CO2 emissions of a whole event from the travel of participants to the energy usage, food and drinks, publications, organisation associated with the event. We can influence several hundred or even thousand people's energy consumption during a certain event. With suitable communication we can deliver an environmentally friendly message at the same time, which can filter through into the everyday life of the participants contributing to a more sustainable life.

With the calculator and the advice given, it is possible to make climate friendly choices throughout the whole organisational process from office work, travels to catering and use of location.

The CO2 calculator for events was developed with generous support of the British Embassy in Budapest, Hungary